Collective of Integrated Spiritual Science Practitioners

Astrology for a New World

Where ancient wisdom meets modern science. Uniting East & West. Bridging the spiritual & material worlds! Join US!

Launching FALL Equinox 2022!

Collective of Integrated Spiritual Science Practitioners


We are taking, “As Above, So Below”, to new levels.

We are exploring new ways to look at astrology and alchemy within the context of the human experience. 

We transcribe & decode the text from the ancient language of the stars! With the teachers, astrologers, healers, and metaphysical thinkers who gather through ASTRAM, we have connected to the speakers of the highest level of new-conscious language. 

The Universe is a grand story book and we are each playing the lead role in it. The ‘astra’ of ASTRAM is here to help us understand that story within each of ourselves; and better share it without. And ultimately, to advance the teachings which we will share with future generations. 


Learn With The Leaders

We are a Collective of Integrated Spiritual Science Practitioners. Our team is made up of long-time leaders in the conscious & spiritual community, with decades of teaching astrology locally nationally and internationally.

Learn the Language of Nature

We are dedicated to teaching meta-science & spiritual (and religious) concepts through the language of cosmos. Learn the TRUTH of our reality. ​

ASTRAM Certification

We are developing and finalizing our certification process, which will include certification through our own courses and certification credit acceptance of previous work completed with recognized astrological schools and organizations.


Spark new insights, find new paths…

Explore Yourself

Balance the Mind with the Body and Spirit....

Study at Your Own Pace

Balance the Body with the Spirit and Mind....


Electrify your embodiment practices…


Connect with the cosmic forces…

Study at Your Own Pace

Balance the Spirit with Mind through the Body...

Learn a New Dialect of the Primordial Language of the Stars

Are you a novice enthusiast or intermediate level astrologer. Get ASTRAM certified! We have self-paced and instructor-guided classes designed for you.

Are you a seasoned life long astrologer? Still questioning how astrology works? We have a new science-directed astrology continuing education certifications.

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