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Astrology for a New World

Astrologer, yogi and NFL football phenom, RICKY WILLIAMS, teaches a class on Vedic astrology for ASTRAM in Austin, Texas

What We're All About

The ASTRAM–Collective of Integrated Spiritual Science Practitioners is a project of The Shift Foundation, a non-profit organization originally founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas. ASTRAM was conceived as part of a spiritual endeavor for supporting and facilitating  personal well-being practices. It has since taken an educational role and integrates conscious dialogue about the merging of science and spirit. ASTRAM has been actively supporting individual and collective conscious raising organizations since 2017.

Through the ASTRAM Collective we support the:

  • ASTRAM Academy
  • Kalachakra Yoga 
  • ASTRAM-Horoscopes 
  • Illumination – Ecstatic Dance Practice
  • Zodiac Faces – Study of Astro-physiognomy 
  • ASTRAM Alliance Network  
  • ARC-Astrological Research Collaborative
  • The Zodiac Image Archive 
  • and many other projects…

We hold classes, lectures series, conduct workshops and host international speakers. Our goal is to assist in the revival of astrology as the fundamental spiritual science, and the reintegration of the ancient wisdoms and the teachings of nature into society. We have helped build & support local, national and international communities in the U.S., Europe, the Mid-East and Asia.

Whether you are… an astrological novice wanting to fast track the fundamentals, an advanced certified professional interested in the science & math behind the Zodiac or you are a deep spiritual seeker who understands that astrology holds keys to certain truths, ASTRAM is here to explore the heavens with you. 

Raising Conscious Language

We start by adding a new ‘alphabet, syntax and a specialized vernacular’ to your existing lexicon. Raising the level of our language, speech and energy is a crucial step to the evolving our individual and the collective consciousness. 

Russ von Ohlhausen & Shanon Gilll
C0-Founders of ASTRAM.ORG and The Shift Foundation, non-profit.

ASTRAM is...

"…..organized exclusively for spiritual, educational and scientific purposes, including...

...support of a spiritual undertaking; to assist in defining a new wholistic direction and assimilation of spirituality, and existing religious structure in order to assist in the positive evolutionary momentum for humanity and the Earth.”

The Purpose: …..is to serve as an instrument for the spiritual wellbeing and advancement, through education and guidance, to recognize and reintegrate the principals of the duality of gender roles in all aspects of social structure, religion, spiritual practice and our collective relationship to the Earth; and to positively impact and further knowledge, attitudes and beliefs concerning the importance of the integration of the feminine principle within the collective consciousness. 

The primary focus of the foundation is to advance the spiritual connection within individuals, communities and society as a whole through awareness projects, seminars, lectures, outreach programs, and community gatherings.


Taken from the original Articles of Incorporation filing for the Texas non-profit

Learn With Leaders

Our team is made up of long-time leaders in the consciousness & spiritual communities, with decades of teaching astrological fundamentals, nationally & internationally – and most importantly, locally & individually.

Learn the Language of Nature

We are dedicated to teaching meta-science & spiritual concepts through the language of the cosmos. Learn the TRUTH of our reality. We are here to challenge the current paradigm of what spiritual alchemy actually is.

ASTRAM Certification

One of our goal is to provide a new level of certification to the astrological community. Not just for the astrology professional but for all spiritual practitioners, as well.

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