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Join as a ONE-TIME initiate membership, receive your pin and you will ALWAYS be a recognized as part of the ASTRAM Collective, and participate in the Alliance Network! Advance your support, your connection to astrology and patronage to ASTRAM, with an advanced membership! 

Membership Drive Begins Spring Equinox 2022

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How can I support astrology as both a spiritual practice and as an evolving profession?

Any astrological enthusiast spiritual seeker, initiate, metaphysical counselor, coach or healing arts professional of who wishes to get more out of ‘legacy astrology’ by learning astrology as part of an Integrated Spiritual Science.  Remember, we are here to teach and reflect the ancient axiom, “As Above- So Below”…

You may join in at any point in your astrological learning. Some tracks will require prerequisites or equivalencies. 

You can take several courses at the same time, if you wish. If you are on a specific certification course, we do not recommend more than one at a time for testing purposes. 

Just contact us directly at and we will figure out what you need to do!

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