Movement & Dance

Move & Dance in Alignment with the Stars



Ecstatic Dance is a global “open source” movement. It grew out of several grass roots affiliations with movement groups and trance music dj’s in Austin, Texas and Hawaii, in the last 1990’s. It took off in the early 2000s’ as groups spawned spontaneously through dance networks across the U.S. , Europe, India, South Asia and in South America. No one owns the “Ecstatic Dance” concept. It continues to grow, morph and form various offshoots.

It is loosely based on much earlier work of the Cosmic Mass introduced by Episcopalian priest, Father Matthew Fox, as way to honor the four-part traditional mass through dance movement. 

There several other forms of free-flow or loosely structured dance, which complement nicely with Ecstatic Dance, that have been trademarked by other various later creators.

We generally follow the same dance format and we incorporate additional ceremony and enhancements. The space is considered ‘sacred’ because we bring the intentions of connecting to the cosmos, to the spiritual energies and to those beings around us. If you haven’t been to a dance, find one in your area and try it out.. there is nothing else quite like it!